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My practice is focused on time and impermanence in the recurring and nearby: the daily movement of shadows across the surface of the earth, the change of seasons, the coming and going of man.


Here the indistinct and implied prevail: the blurred rather than the sharp. The broken rather than the perfect. Silhouette and shadow rather than body. Unfiltered dream visions of landscapes you might have passed once.

In a work method that’s highly thought-based and revolves around condensing an initial idea, the process becomes my anchor. The process brings clarity to the mind through rules and repetition. I think that’s why I’m especially attracted to printmaking. Woodcutting, with it's backward thinking, working everything in reverse and in the negative space, is particularly close to my heart. 



Signatur – mere end en underskrift / Signature – more than an autograph, Kunsthuset Annaborg, Hillerød, exhibitor and curator


Passage, Virum Gymnasium, Virum, Solo Exhibition

Tryk til tørre / Out to Dry, Havarthigaarden, Gl. Holte

Lyset bryder frem / The light breaks through, Gl. Holte Kirke, Gl. Holte


For nærværende / At present, Cobrarummet, Sophienholm, with Agnete Kjær, Christie Munck, Susanne Winther

Tryk til tørre / Out to Dry, Havarthigaarden, Gl. Holte








Portræt / Portrait, Havarthigaarden, Gl. Holte, exhibitor and curator

Sommersyner / Summer Visions, Havarthigaarden, Gl. Holte, exhibitor and curator

Nordisk Inspiration / Nordic Inspiration, Green Galerie, Sorgenfri with Agnete Zielinski

Imagining the Garden – Your tour starts here!, Albrectsens Galleri, Copenhagen, with Agnete Kjær, Susanne Winther

New York International Miniature Print Exhibition, Manhattan Graphics Center, New York

Byens Dag / The Day of the Village, Torpens Kapel, Humlebæk with Hanne Marie Winkel

Tryk på Tryk / Print on Print, Havartigården, Gl. Holte

Forårsudstilling / Spring Exhibition, Havartigaarden, Gl. Holte

Vintergrafik / Winter Prints, Annaborg, Hillerød

Tryk på Farven / The Pressure of the Colour, Rytterskolen, Brønshøj

MiniTEX14, Rundetårn, København / Nicolai, Kolding

Sommerudstilling / Summer Exhibition, Havartigården, Gl. Holte

40 år / 40 Years, Havartigården, Gl. Holte

Silence / Stilhed, Havartigården, Gl. Holte

TRYK / PRINT, Havarthigården, Gl. Holte

KKS - The Danish Society of Female Artists

Grafisk Gruppe - The Graphic Group Workshop

2010 HND, Reigate School of Art, Design and Media, UK

2008 Art Foundation Diploma, Reigate School of Art, Design and Media, UK

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