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Grafisk Gruppe exhibits at Kunsthuset Annaborg

Tine Zielinski

The printmaking studio GRAFISK GRUPPE is marking its 40th anniversary with the exhibition 'Signatur - mere end en underskrift' at Kunsthuset Annaborg, Frederiksværksgade 2A, 3400 Hillerød

The printing process enables several copies of the same work to be made. The very property of diversification has been one of our culture's most important sources of democratization. Early printmaking led to the art of letterpress printing in 1440. Today, printmaking has become an exclusive art form, based on the printmaker treating motifs and material with advanced techniques, line, contrast - composition and clash of color. In principle, the motif is cut, drawn or transferred onto a plate. The plate can be made of wood, linoleum, copper, plexiglas, etc. Ink is applied to the processed plate. The motif from the plate can then be transferred onto paper. This is how the printmaker puts her SIGNATURE on paper.

The word signature comes from the Latin signura 'marking', from Latin 'to inscribe' and 'to mark' - signum, 'sign'.

At the exhibition you will experience the varied expressions and innovative techniques of 26 contemporary artists.

The exhibition runs from February 16. - 26. March 2023. Open Thursday-Sunday from 12-4pm

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